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Transfer factors, one of nature’s most powerful forces for transferring and ensuring good health, have taken their place at the forefront of nutritional science. In simple terms, transfer factors are tiny molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a mother and her child when she breastfeeds.

With support that surpasses any currently known vitamin, mineral or herb, transfer factors inform innocent immune cells of a real potential p hazard to the body along with an action plan. While the most notable function of these intelligent molecules is to accelerate the recognition phase of an infection so that the duration of the disease is much shorter, transfer factors also have the ability to suppress an overactive immune system. They promote and balance the system as needed.

” your health is dear to us “

Inside your body is a wonderful protective mechanism, the immune system, designed to defend itself against a variety of foreign invaders that can endanger your health. For this reason, it is easy to understand that maintaining a healthy immune system means living a healthier life. Understanding the function of the immune system makes it easy to appreciate the value of maintaining its healthy function.

Our immune system protects us from external attacks and eliminates foreign and degenerate cells in the body. Our current lifestyle with too much stress, psychological stress, sleep deprivation, environmental toxins, electro-smog, poor nutrition and lack of nutrients chronically weakens our immune system. We should therefore leave no stone unturned and take preventive measures to improve it.

There are two types of immunity that protect the human body: the innate and the adaptogenic ability. Congenital immunity is present at birth and is the first barrier against microorganisms. Adaptogen immunity is the second barrier against infections. The adaptogenic immune system reminds you of all the invaders you have encountered.
The two most common and safest sources of transfer factors are colostrum and egg yolk. Transfer factor molecules can be divided safely and effectively. Whether cows on humans or chickens on humans, transfer factors are not species-specific.

Many immunologists are already working very successfully with 4life products worldwide. These products contain transfer factor molecules extracted from colostrum (first milk). These are present in every species of mammal and in human first milk. First milk/mother’s milk is the starter milk for the newborn. It transfers all information of the mother’s immune system to the newborn child. Transfer factors are intelligence molecules of the immune system, the superordinate control centre, so to speak. They provide the system with basic information on stimulation, harmonisation and balancing. These natural molecules can be found in many different ways and are virtually a gift of nature. In cows, transfer factors are found in milk and in birds they are found in egg yolk.

Transfer factors are molecules that occur in the bodies of mammals and birds. Transfer factors provide immune intelligence and enhance the immune system’s ability to detect, respond to and record intruders that threaten health. Transfer Factor E-XF is the advanced combination of 4Life. A patented process unique to 4Life combines the transfer factors of bovine colostrum and chicken yolk into a synergistic support that increases immunity.

4Life Transfer Factor™ (derived from bovine colostrum (milk) and egg yolk) is designed to balance our immune system.
Transfer factors are better than vitamins, minerals or herbs that simply provide the body with nutrients. They are messenger molecules that deliver immune intelligence and build immune cells to support the immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember future threats. They are unique because they transfer the immune strategy to your body.

4Life Transfer Factor is one of the best natural ways to support immune system health, but have you ever wondered what it’s made of ? 
Recently, we sent samples of 4Life Transfer Factor out for amino acid testing. The test results showed that in addition to transfer factor molecules and recently discovered special molecules that feed the good bacteria in the gut microbiome, 4Life Transfer Factor contains more than 40% protein! This is exciting news, since protein is one of the most essential nutrients in the human diet. This all-natural protein helps build muscle, strengthens the immune system, facilitates processes throughout the body, and contains amino acids, which are the building blocks for every tissue structure in the body. We tested 4Life Transfer Factor for 18 amino acids and the chart shows what we found.

Nine of these amino acids are ones that the human body can’t make on its own. They’re called “essential” amino acids, and they must be acquired from your diet. Interestingly, 40% of the amino acid content in 4Life Transfer Factor is made up of essential amino acids. This makes colostrum and 4Life Transfer Factor complete proteins, alongside only two other foods—eggs and breast milk. That’s one more reason to love 4Life Transfer Factor !

In addition to dietary supplements, you should consider the following:

Stress reduction
Stress, conflicts and worries are not only a poison for your psyche, but also for the defense system of your body. When stress persists, the body releases more cortisol, which then suppresses the immune system in its work. A good mental well-being is therefore very important for our body. In order to ease the strain on body and soul, here are a few tips:

  • Plan regular breaks during the day to take some time for yourself.
  • Learn relaxation techniques such as yoga, progressive muscle relaxation or Qigong, etc.
  • Get enough rest by trying to go to bed early and get up at the same time every day.
  • Support your body with “4Life Reflection”.

Long-lasting stress affects and weakens our immune system as a whole so that the number of immune cells in the blood decreases, the natural killer cells are less active and in acute stress even the T lymphocytes divide more slowly.

Hot and cold shower
Start every morning with a contrast shower. Start with hot water and after two minutes, switch to a cold shower for 15 seconds.
Repeat the procedure three times and shoot off with the cold water.

Avoid chemicals
Avoid wherever possible car fumes that will stifle your immunity.
Do not spend too much time in poorly ventilated rooms where chemicals are used (such as beauty salons and gas stations).
Don’t stay long in rooms where new materials such as carpets have recently been installed.

The best way to revive yourself is training, and you will immediately feel the effects. Make it a daily routine. A simple 10-minute walk reduces tension, eliminates fatigue and stimulates your alertness for several hours. Exercise immediately relieves the immune system, accelerating the elimination of bacteria and other threats by stimulating blood flow and breathing deeply, accelerating sweating and increasing muscle activity. Try cycling, swimming, Zumba, Tabata or a daily quick walk.

Happiness and health

For most people, health and physical integrity are a basic prerequisite for a happy life.

Happiness has a significant impact on our health.

Happy people suffer less frequently from a heart attack and less frequently from diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases and depression – the opposite of happiness.

Other keys to a healthy life are:

  • Optimism
  • supporting networks of family and friends
  • the ability to cope with everyday stress with emotional balance
  • as well as a sense of enthusiasm, hope and commitment.

Happiness is a combination of how satisfied we are with our lives and how good we feel in everyday life.

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