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{:de}"Erfolg hat 3 Buchstaben"{:}{:es}y encuentra tu éxito{:}{:en}and find your success{:}{:fr}et trouvez votre succès{:}{:ru}и найти свой Личный успех{:}{:tr}ve başarınızı bulun{:}{:zh}找到你的成功{:}

We invite you te get a member of our Team,

no matter where you are in the world.

Trust, honesty and helpfulness are our top priorities. At 4-Your-Life we believe in working together to help others lead healthy and successful lives. Our common goal is that you feel good to be a member of a company (4Life) with which you can achieve your personal successes and at the same time lead others to success, be it financially or healthwise.

4Life has received an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), received the American Business Awards (the most important business awards in the US) for its product development and marketing, and appeared on the Global 100 list of Direct Selling News several times.

Since 1998, 4Life has been developing products with Transfer Factor™, promoting the business success of consultants and supporting communities around the world.

4Life enables anyone who wants to be successful to do so. With a compensation plan as unique as the products, 4Life has created a balanced success system that rewards both part-time and full-time employees


         Have we aroused your interest?

                            Expand your business (no matter in which country you live) with 4Life !

                                                                             We will be happy to advise you personally about further Details ! 

Economic systems of the future

                    your chance to adapt in time

                                                             gain financial freedom

                                                                                health and well-being

They start out with no money, but they do. They start out inexperienced, but they do it. They start out alone, but they start out. They start out with no contact, but they start out. They start with fear, but they start.

Patricia Alvarez Velez

4Life Fachberater Health & Fitness Coach

Ulrich Dörr

4Life Fachberater - Health & Fitness Coach

work with us

If we have aroused your interest, then contact us, work together with us and build up a new, further pillar for you without risk.

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